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Call for papers: deadline 30 September 2018

Conference Themes:
Counting stepfamilies – historical demography and the patterns of remarriage by widowed or divorced parents (ages of children, husband or wife and the second spouse, do stepchildren or 1st marriage children stay in the household? how is children’s life expectancy influenced by death of mother/father, remarriage of mother/father, presence of stepmother/stepfather and half-siblings, stepsiblings?)

• inheritance and the position of children of  1st, 2nd or 3rd marriage beds(half-siblings, stepsiblings) how does the legal and social position of heirs by marriage or remarriage compare to half-siblings outside of legal marriage (extramarital children by concubines, or premarital children brought into the marriage, or milk children)
• stepfamily stories inpopular culture or cheap prints(fairy tales or religious stories such as Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael or the Golden Legend of Saint Anne and her three husbands or folktales such as Cinderella and Hachikazuki ac…

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